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14 years old

15.2 hands

Price: $15,000 (includes custom fit saddle and hackamore)

Nevado, registered name Elias CDR, is a 14 year-old gelding that our client purchased from the breeder in 2011. He is a grey ¾ Andalusian ¼ Arab. He has been our clients main riding horse for the past 10 years. Mostly used for trail riding, as well as gymkhana, western lessons in the indoor arena, cattle penning, packing and hunting. He has been ridden at night with just headlamps and close to gunfire with no issues. Nevado rides just as great in an indoor arena, outdoor arena or in the bush. He has excellent ground and barn manners. Nevado loves to pony young horses and has no problem being ponied himself. Does not buck or bolt. Great for the farrier, has been shod but normally barefoot. He will lead or follow on the trail or go out alone or in a large group, has been on several charity rides. Get on and go horse doesn’t seem to matter how long he sits is always the same when you get back on. Excellent with all dogs, perfect ground manners, stands for saddling, stand tied for hours, trailers perfectly load and unload. Will stand for hours to be brushed


Nevado was trained by Terry and Chuck McKinney of Willd Deuce Outfitters in their 6 month winter program in 2014. They took him to Arizona between November 2013 and April 2014 where they put TONS of miles on him in the desert riding, packing, camping and ranching. He was exposed to cattle, a large pack string and general trail riding and sacking out. Nevado neck reins, and responds to leg aids, he can turn on haunches and side pass ridden western and English, ridden bitless for the past 8 years in a hackamore, bitless bridle or halter. Has been ridden by confident beginners and 10-12 year old experienced children. Not good for nervous riders as he is very sensitive to riders confidence level and nervous riders make him a bit nervous. He is a very strong horse and despite his appearance he can move if he wants to so a confident rider with at least a good seat is recommended.

Nevado did have a bit of founder in 2018 from just lack of use and too much green grass, he has not shown any related lameness but does have some separation in his front feet that is still growing out. He has been having his feet done every 4 weeks since to help restore his normal foot and the farrier says there is no bruising or soft spots. He can’t be left in pasture at this point. He has had his teeth floated every 1-2 years since he was 8, up to date on vaccines and has had regular vet check ups with no concerns. He has not been x-rayed.

Nevado sells with his custom made Spanish saddle and bitless bridle.

Nevado is up for sale only because our client is not riding as much as they used to and would like to find someone that can enjoy Nevado as much as they have for the past 10 years. Nevado truly is a one of a kind, people don't usually sell horses this good, they keep them for life! Don't miss out on this rare opportunity. 

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