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Tennessee Walker
11 years old
15 hands
Please contact

Dixie is here on consignment by her owner, who has had Dixie since she was a foal. Dixie has spent the last 30 days here at our ranch. She has proven herself to be a very well trained and capable horse. Her owner decided to offer her for sale simply because she is not getting the use and attention that she deserves. This mare has a big, strong build and a beautiful gait. She is more on the pacey side, but can drop her head and walk with the best of them. Dixie has a strong work ethic and meets us at the gate everyday.


Dixie has been ridden through cows and with dogs, alone and with a group. She is a big moving mare and likes to get out and cover country. She would be best suited to an intermediate rider and up because of her forward movement. She doesn't have any bad habits or vices, but she will need a rider who has previous horse experience; also previous with gaited horses would be best to optimize her ability to stay in a four beat gait.  

Dixie is up-to-date with her farrier and dental work. She is very well behaved for the farrier. She also loads and unloads easily as well. Dixie's video is long, but Steeve gives a pretty good description near the end of what kind of rider she would do well for. If you are interested in Dixie, please give us a call or shoot us an email.

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