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RCR Pats Eleventh Hour
MFTHBA & ICHA registered
Missouri Fox Trotter

DOB September 8, 2008
Price: Please contact

Sire: Sir Patrick M.J.T.

Dam: Misty's Tansie

Elly came to us last year. She was basically unhandled. Whatever we could do with her, was because she is just generally a nice minded horse. She had never had her feet  done, wasn't halter broke, you get the idea. 

Flash forward to now, she is halter broke. She is usually good for the farrier, and has had her teeth floated. She trailers, stalls, ties, and has had a month of ground work and about three rides on her back. 

Because of her age and lack of life experience, I realize placing this mare with someone else will be like finding a needle in a haystack. Someone who wants to continue her training, or let her be a horse for the rest of her life. She is lovely to have around and really would make a wonderful pasture pet.

I do plan to continue her training in the fall when I'm home more often and can commit to a more consistent schedule with her. Unfortunately she does get bumped to the bottom of the list when client horses arrive, and our young prospects are ready to start. 

I did breed Elly to a TWH stallion last year. Unfortunately Elly has an extremely narrow birth canal and the birth was very traumatic, ending up in the loss of the foal and almost in the loss of Elly. I have always been an advocate of getting mares checked, and this time I didn't. I really paid the price in so many ways for that. So whatever home she goes to, has to make sure this mare is not bred again.

Whether I find that perfect placement for her or not, she has a home here. I decided to offer her up though in the interest of herd management and keeping numbers down to a reasonable level. 

Price will reflect her age and training level. Please contact myself or Steeve if you think Elly is a horse you would like to take on. Approved home only.

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