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TWHBEA Registered
CRTWH Pending

Birthdate: June 1, 2019
15.2 HH
$5,500 CAD plus GST 


Sire: Canadian On Parole (Out On Parole x Get It On!) 

Dam: Bless My Bloomers (Ultra's Major Threat x Pretty In Platinum)

Here are some video links. Please keep in mind that these are videos of actual rides out, so the titles may list other horses as well as Della. 

Della trail ride 1                                                 Della trail ride 4

Della - October 2022 compilation

Della trail ride 2

Della trail ride 3

Right from the day she hit the ground, Della has been precocious and full of life. She loves people and makes a real pest of herself if any of us are working near her. She has a sixth sense when the barn door is open and before you know it, she is sneaking in. 

Della has a big over stride and a swingy gait. She is gentle and easy to work with. Della was lightly started in the spring of 2022. During the summer she did some rides in the arena over obstacles and introducing her to some gait work. Since the fall of 2022 Steeve and I have been putting some trail rides on her. She has been hauled to the local arena as well. Della is used to dogs, guns, wildlife and cattle. She is easy to catch, good for the farrier, ties and loads. One of the things I really love about her is her sensible nature. She doesn't need to be ridden every day or even every week. She always picks up where she left off, and sometimes it feels like she has even been thinking about things. 

Della's registration with the CRTWH is pending. I plan to start going through the training levels and Program for Excellence with the Canadian registry with Della in 2023.

Della is not suitable as a broodmare prospect due to her uterine conformation. She has been checked by two different vets, one specializing in reproduction. Both vets came to the same conclusion. If she were to give birth, it is very likely that she would prolapse (this would be fatal to her). This does not affect her performance or soundness for work/riding.

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