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I came across Double J Training Services' add on Kijiji and gave them a call because their website said they specialized in Tennessee Walkers, my favourite breed. I had a 3 year old Walker mare that I had picked up who was essentially unhandled and had major trust issues to the point that she was dangerous to approach in the herd and handling her feet was out of the question. I sent Solo to Steeve and Jesseca for a 30 day assessment and the difference in that time was astounding. She progressed so well that I decided to leave her for another month to really see what she could do. By the end of the 60 days she was completely different horse. She was calm and relaxed while being caught, led and trimming feet, and even better she was going well undersaddle, a feat I never expected given her former nature. Steeve and Jesseca were able to see past all the issues and found a willing and engaged partnership with my horse. I was so impressed with the bond they formed with this mare, gaining her trust and working with her, not against her that I sent another more mature Walker to them to work on her gait for registry in the International Heratage Walking Horse Association. Jesseca and Steeve worked with me as well as my horse to create the video for submission that got her registered. I cannot wait to see what they do with my new filly in the coming years! Thank you Double J Training for your hard work and dedication, my horses are wonderful riding partners because of your knowledge and understanding.

Arna Erhart

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