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Missouri Fox Trotter
5 years old
14 hands

Frost is a 5-year-old registered black sabino Missouri Fox Trotter mare. She is a wonderful example of the breed. Fox trotters were bred to be sure footed, easy traveling horses that could work hard during the day, like plowing fields, hauling logs and working cattle in the harsh Ozarks terrain. According to the breed registry, the Fox trotter is described as every person’s pleasure horse because of its gentle disposition and comfortable ride. The breed is used for pleasure, show, versatility, trail, and endurance and Frost sure lives up to her heritage. She is a gentle, sweet mare with a kind disposition. She is not spooky, hot, or silly. Frost has pulled the sled, been exposed to gunfire, rides with dogs, has been ridden next to traffic, cows, ducks, you name it. Frost has been ridden everywhere, over bridges, across sand dunes and around the ranch. She is a sure pick for an easy, no-nonsense ride. Frost has a ground covering walk and an even faster fox trot. She is also broke to pack and pony. She will be going to the mountains for three weeks in July and will be ready to go to her new home in August. Purebred Missouri Fox Trotters are hard to come by in western Canada, especially ones that are well trained and at a prime age like Frost. She has a superficial crack which is growing out in her front left hoof; this does not impede her performance or soundness. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime mare!

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