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IHWHA, CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered Tennessee Walking Horse

6 years old

15 hands

Price: $12,500 CAD plus GST

CRTWH Registered
Tennessee Walking Horse

15 years old
15 hands


They just don't make horses like Moon very often anymore! She has a classic old style Tennessee Walking Horse build; lots of bone, a big shoulder and a deep chest, lots of power coming from her hindquarters and a gentle demeanor and steady nature. Moon has been hauled and ridden all over the place with us. She has done tons of road miles and has seen pedal bikers, farm machinery, semis, trucks, motorbikes, dogs, llamas, you name it. Moon is a great traveler and settles in wherever she is. 

Most recently Moon completed 25 miles in Novice Junior Lightweight division at the Bonnie Price Memorial Competitive Trail Ride south of Milk River. Moon took her junior rider to first place! She navigated difficult trail, passing riders, cattle, snakes and vet checks without any fuss. 

Moon was part of our 2021 pack string on a twelve day tour through the Willmore Wilderness. Jesseca rode Moon and ponied her packhorse from Moon's back. This mare spent plenty of time on the highline and in hobbles. She had a great attitude the whole time; there is not a single obstacle she wouldn't cross. Passing hikers, bikers, moose, dogs, nothing bothered her. 

This wonderful mare has tons of arena experience. She is soft in the mouth and moves off the leg, opens gates, crosses bridges, drags sleds and tarps. Moon is easy to catch and loads like a pro. She backs out of our trailer without hesitation. Moon has been exposed to gunfire and is used to our dogs zipping in and around her legs.

Moon is very easy to gait and her head shaking walk is a blast to ride. She will even ramp up into a fast rack if you ask her too. She can canter as well, but it's not as natural to her as the more lateral gaits.

This amazing mare with old bloodlines is being offered for sale to an experienced home. She doesn't have any dangerous vices; she is best suited to a rider who likes to get out and cover ground. Moon is so happy when she hits her run walk and is out cruising, exactly what she was bred to do! A confident intermediate or junior rider and up would have a lot of fun with this mare. If you are interested in Moon please give us a call or shoot us an email.

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