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IHWHA, CRTWH & TWHBEA Registered Tennessee Walking Horse

15 hands


LL Chance's Red Rascal, known as Jack around the ranch, is a direct son of Darkie's Last Chance. Jack is also 100% Heritage bloodlines and gait certified with the IHWHA. He has achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold in the Program for Excellence with the CRTWH. Jack managed to get all of these certifications as a four year old breeding stallion during 90 days of training here at the ranch. 

Jack was gelded two years ago and I bought him from his breeder in the spring of 2021. He had been ridden once since his 90 days here and it was bareback in a halter. Steeve and I started bringing him back into work and it was apparent right away that he hadn't forgotten a thing.

Under saddle Jack is a willing guy with lots of work ethic. He doesn't usually get hot or really excited about things. He is not a spooky horse although on occasion he may look twice at something funny. He is very light with his rein aids and has a solid whoa. He will react to your seat and your leg, he's very sensitive and tuned in to his rider. 

Jack can walk a hole in the ground and his steady-Eddie personality really epitomizes why we here have fallen in love with the old bloodlines. Jack's offspring all seem to inherit the same ease of gait and gentle nature that their sire shows.

Jack has been trailered lots, tied for long hours, stalled, ridden through cows, with dogs, exposed to gunfire, moose, deer, vehicles. If Jack is at the other end of his pasture when he sees myself or Steeve, he will head over to meet us. Jack is really an endearing horse with a lot of talent. While he is not overly tall, he is built strong. We love him so much that we have purchased three of his foals and continue to breed our mares to his sons. My only regret is that I never bred to him directly.

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