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For reference only
IHWHA & CRTWH Registered
Tennessee Walking Horse

15 hands

Destiny is one cool horse! She is smooth, dynamic and classy. Destiny is always there when you ask her for something and she has truly has cruise control installed. She loves to get up into gait and once there, you won't have to ask again. Destiny has been hauled and ridden all over the place with us. She has done tons of road miles and has seen pedal bikers, farm machinery, semis, trucks, motorbikes, dogs, llamas, you name it. 

Destiny was part of our 2021 pack string on a twelve day tour through the Willmore Wilderness where she was packed and ridden. This mare spent plenty of time on the highline and in hobbles. She had a great attitude the whole time; there is not a single obstacle she wouldn't cross. Passing hikers, bikers, moose, dogs, nothing bothered her. Destiny has amazing stamina and never quit; she looks dainty but she is mighty. Destiny has also competed in a 25 mile competitive trail ride and placed fourth in a very tough group!

Destiny is easy to train, easy to catch and lovely to be around. She always treats the farrier well, even when she is getting shod. She raises lovely foals and has impeccable ground manners. Even if she is unsure of something, all she needs is her person to say it's okay and she will step right up to the task.

Destiny is gait certified and registered with the International Heritage Walking Horse Association. 

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