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Missouri Fox Trotter
14 hands

Mazakeen, aka Maze, is a champagne Missouri Fox Trotter mare with a great pedigree. She comes from a long line of horses bred for their colour and gait. Her dam was registered but not DNA verified so Maze is not eligible for registration with MFTHBA. Maze demonstrates a beautiful example of a fox trot. She also has a gorgeous canter and flat walk. No need to hold her in gait, she does it all on her own. She has been exposed to gunfire, cows, wildlife, dogs, water, bridges, you name it.

This mare has been on multiple trips to the mountains, including the Panther and the Ya Ha Tinda. She even swam in Eagle Lake! She has been high lined and in a standing stall. Baby Duck is not spooky or silly on the trail. She will ride in the front or the back. She has been ridden on group trail rides and alone. She also canters on command and picks up both leads. She is easy to catch and good for the farrier. Baby Duck may be small but her personality is as big as her engine; she never quits. She is bold, curious and there is no doubt she enjoys life. 

Maze is confirmed in foal to Crosshairs Lonesome Junior for a 2023 mule foal!

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