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Monarch Money.png

Tennessee Walking Horse
5 years old
14.3 hands

Monarch Money, "Pi", is a 5-year-old registered Tennessee Walking Horse with a good pedigree.

Pi is a very talented mare with a smooth, teeth clacking, head shaking walk. She canters on a kiss. Pi is trained to pack, hobble and high line. She ponies like a dream. Pi has been on multiple mountain trips; she has proven to be very hardy and low maintenance. She has crossed rivers, bridges, is used to dogs, cows, deer and moose. Pi's dam is a certified Heritage Walking Horse; her sire goes back to the great Armed And Dangerous. Pi would be best suited for a confident intermediate and up. Pi is quiet enough for lead line and beginners in the arena. On the trail however, she is a machine! Pi is not spooky and is gun broke. She has competed successfully in competitive trail, placing third in her first event. She has been on many poker rallies. She can ramp it up to cover ground and then come to a quiet halt so you can write your poker hands down at the stops. Pi has been used to round pen and pony colts and has also been to gymkhana.

She has a natural ground covering gait with strong conformation and a natural headset. Pi has no vices and will ride in the front, back or middle with ease. She has been ridden alone and exposed to gunfire. Pi trailers with ease, backs out, is easy to catch and great with her feet. She is currently barefoot.

Pi came in for training three years ago and has been here ever since. She has a strong stocky build and has proven to be an asset here on the ranch. Pi did have an injury last November to one hock, which was given an ultrasound and x-rayed. There was evidence that she tore a ligament. Pi was put on six months of stall rest. She was rehabbed slowly and steadily. Pi rode at the Willy Bronze Poker Rally for the third time this fall, completing 25 kilometers in three hours on both days.

Pi is an obstacle course and trail veteran. Her gait is easy and natural which is fabulous for someone looking at getting into the gaited breeds, as well as for someone well versed in the breed. Pi neck reins, turns on the haunch, forehand, side pass and leg yields. She can be ridden in a halter and lead shank. She has worked colts in the corral with nothing but a halter and one lead shank. You will be hard pressed to find a gaited horse on the market with her talent and resume on the market!

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