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Tennessee Walker
5 years old
14.2 hands

Where to start about Sparrow? This mare is very special to us. We purchased her as a two year old and right away it was apparent she was something extra. Sparrow was friendly and full of life right from the get go. When she was a two year old she would trail ride with us at liberty. When she was three years old with only 30 days under saddle, Sparrow went to two clinics, one being at the Mane Event. Our 'arena' that year was right in the middle of the shopping area. Sparrow witnessed baby carriages, microphones, speakers, snow storms, snow sliding off the arena, it was absolute chaos to be honest, and none of it bothered her. I would ride her on our own among the traffic and parking lot, in a spring snowstorm, from the exhibition hall to her stall. To this day she is still like that. Sparrow is quiet, more whoa then go, with all the bells and whistles installed. She neck reins in a snaffle, moves off the leg, pulls sleds, skiers and ponies other horses.

Sparrow is very personable. She basically halters herself. She will not bolt, rear or buck. She can be sassy, but it is never mean, belligerent or scary. Sparrow is gentle with foals, we have often used her as a companion to a broodmare or weanling. 

This beautiful palomino mare has a big stride without having any pace to her gait. She has a beautiful canter too. Sparrow as been used all over the ranch, she really is a go-to kind of girl. 

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