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TWHBEA & CRTWH Tennessee Walker

15.2 hands


Ragtime Went Platinum, known as "Pearl" here at the ranch, is one of the smoothest horses any of us have ever ridden. Pearl's gait requires zero effort on her rider's part; ask her to move out and she gets right into that glide ride. Riding Pearl is like riding your very own magic flying carpet. Her sire is Dude's Ragtime Man, who was a prolific sire in Alberta for many years. He put great horses on the ground, many of whom were extremely competitive in TWHAWC and AWHA shows. A quick cruise through the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse will show you how many of his progeny have gone on to get their Gold Awards, including Ragtime himself. These horses are incredibly hardy with strong bone and good minds; Pearl is no exception. 

Pearl is a soft, gentle mare with a kind disposition. She can be a little shy, especially with people she doesn't know. If you are willing to develop a bond with with this horse, you will not find a more dependable ride. She is solid under saddle and willing to go wherever her rider points her. She has pulled skiers, sleds, tarps, rides with dogs, crosses bridges, hauls out to trails, etc. Pearl is currently being used in our four horse pack string. She is the lead pack horse because she walks pretty quick. Pearl doesn't get hot when out with the group, she is quite happy to go at the rider's pace, whatever that is. 

Please call or email to set up a showing with Pearl. 

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