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Single Footing 
5 years old

14 hands

 Freddie has come by his nickname "Steady Freddie" honestly. Right from the day he arrived, Freddie has been a chill kind of guy. Single footing horses usually have Standardbred blood crossed with Rockies, Walkers or even Paso's. Freddie comes from a program that used Rocky Mountain horses crossed with Rowdy Rawhide bloodlines to get that fast single footing gait, also known as speed racking. Freddie has a lot of natural ability to want to stay in his easy gait. He can flat walk, run walk and fox trot. The canter is a little tougher for him since he is so naturally wired into an easy gait. 

Freddie has been used around the ranch, hauled to trails and has been to the mountains. He is very sure-footed, he can scrabble over rocks, roots and navigate steep terrain without difficulty. His stamina is amazing, don't let his small size fool you! Freddie is incredibly athletic without being hot or silly. He will ride in the front, back or middle. 

Freddie is very quiet and gentle by nature. He is easy to catch, good for the farrier, loads and unloads nicely. He has navigated bridges, is used to dogs, cows, deer, hikers, pedal bikers, and tarps just to name a few. Please give us a call or shoot us an email if you are interested in Freddie.

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