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Tennessee Walking Horse
4 years old
14.2 hands

Tango's Master Generator, known as "Basil" here at the ranch is one sweetheart of a gelding. We named Basil after Bazil Leonard, an outfitter who is sort of famous around the Willmore Wilderness. Steeve and I passed him packing in alone four years ago, and he was in his 80's at least. We both thought we want to be like Bazil when we grow up. Both of us believe in giving a horse a name to grow into. 

Basil has an amazing pedigree boasting many well known names and his heritage shows in his ground covering, all natural, effortless gait. Basil walks and then he walks harder with a beautiful headshake and natural head carriage. Basil catches himself, being the first one at the barn all the time. He loves to be groomed and fussed on. He is good for the farrier and he loads nicely as well. Basil grew up babysitting a young stud colt, hence the short tail. Since he has moved to the ranch with us, his tail has already grown several inches.

Basil has done a lot of arena work, obstacles and trail rides. He will lead or follow without issue and does not get hot when turned toward home.  He also rides with the dogs zipping up from behind, in front and across our path. He has been exposed to gunfire, the sled, and our inflatable tube man just to name a few. Basil is currently in our winter program and will be pulling sleds, ski-joring and blazing trails through the snow all winter long. Basil will be available to the public in the spring of 2021. If you would like to secure Basil for yourself, please contact us for more information such as a copy of our purchase agreement and deposit details.

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