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CRTWH & TWHBEA registered Tennessee Walking Horse
DOB May 17, 2019

Sire: LL Chance's Red Rascal (Darkie's Last Chance x Moonlit Laughter)

Dam: Bellissima Donna Z (Arrow's Boy Trigger x Whistle's Blue Bell F88)

Video links (keep in mind these are videos of actual rides and do contain footage of other horses, if the link is listed below, Bruce is in the video):

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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Bruce is truly stunning! His conformation is balanced and strong and he holds himself beautifully. We have had him since he was a yearling, and he has always been friendly, easy to catch and well mannered. Bruce's dam is around 14 hands and his sire is 15 hands; he should finish off somewhere in between. Bruce has filled out really nice; he has good bone and body like his sire. He is sensible, a quick learner and he retains all of his lessons. Bruce has been hauled all around to different trails and arenas.

Bruce is no slouch. He is very engaged with his rider and his work. He always listens to his rider, even when he's feeling a bit spicy. Bruce doesn't buck, bolt or rear. He isn't a spooky horse, however he isn't a dead head either. He will let you know if something is bothering him. Bruce doesn't hold any grudges, he gets over things quickly and then continues on with the job. He will cross anything you put in front of him. He is sure footed and will lead or follow the group. I've climbed icy hills with him and he just dug in with his toes and took his time. He has a quick walk and a good canter. 

We had an offer to prepare him for a very good client in the States, however the client has decided that the job he intended for Bruce probably isn't the best one for a five-year-old, and both Steeve and I agree. This client was planning on using him as a "swing horse" to give relief to the others on his pack and riding string, which would mean Bruce wouldn't really be used that much. Since he is only five, we all agreed he would benefit more from an owner who would focus more on using Bruce as their go-to horse. 


Bruce's gait is square and has zero pace to his gait. He has a solid flat walk; he tends to prefer a fox trot to a run walk at this time. This will change as his gait work progresses. He has a beautiful lope.

He does tend to rush when he thinks he is being left behind, and this is something we are working on when he goes out on rides. He can be taken away from the group and lead without much fuss.

Please contact myself or Steeve if you would like to get to know Bruce better.

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