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CRTWH registered
Tennessee Walking Horse

6 years old
15.3 hands
Price: $5,000 CAD plus GST

Sire: Northfork Patch of Gold (Karys Jeepers x Bells Little Nugget)

Dam: Kits Wicked War (Kits Royal Pride CDN x Northern Lights RainboMist)


Harriet has been here since she was 3-years-old. She was primarily trained and ridden by a family member who no longer lives with us. Harriet has been sitting for six months and is just too good to be wasting away in the pasture. That said, she does require a rider and owner who has some experience. 

Video links are below. Keep in mind that most of these are videos of actual rides so there are other horses in the video. If the link is below, Harriet is at that ride.

Harriet at Silverberry Fall 2024 - This video was taken from Harriet's back, those are her ears you're looking through!

Harriet at the Willy Bronze Ride 2024 - This was also taken from Harriet's back at the end of September, 2024.

Harriet at a CTR in 2023 - I think Steeve videoed this one so you should see Harriet in full view.

Harriet April 2, 2024 - First ride in six months. The arena looks pretty, but it was very icy underneath the dirt.

Harriet has been hauled and ridden all over the place. She has competed in Competitive Trail Rides, has been to poker rallies in Donalda, hauled to Silverberry and Blackfoot, just to name a few. When she's hauled out, she always behaves.

Every now and then though, she throws in a pretty good spook, even though she's used to dogs or bumping wildlife. She can also be hard to catch sometimes. She seems to do the best when she is consistently worked with.  That said, I was able to hop on her in the arena after six months off with minimal warm up. 

Most of the time she will jump into the trailer, every once in a while she needs a little bit of encouragement from behind. Same with the farrier, sometimes she is perfect, and sometimes she has no patience. 

I had to look up what Harriet's back leg conformation is called, and it is "base narrow". I've seen walkers every now and then like this, just wasn't sure what the term for it was. She hasn't had any trouble passing her vet checks at CTR's. Harriet has a very nice, natural gait that requires very little help from her rider. She also has a very nice canter. She is out of shape though and needs a good refresher. All these things are why she is priced relatively low. 

Steeve and I don't have time or room for her in our string or training schedule and would like to see her go to a good home that will enjoy her and love on her the way she deserves. 

Harriet is eligible for Heritage papers, she just needs to be gait certified. 

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