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Missouri Fox Trotter

9 years old

15.2 hands

Price: $15, 000

RTE A Dust Of Black Gold “Magnus” is a 9-year-old gold papered Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. Magnus’s claim to fame is that his pedigree goes back to Curly Jim, a famous gaited curly stallion. On Magnus's papers there are two spots with the title "saddle horse". I was able to find on All Breed Pedigree that one of those horses is Curly Jim. He was one of two horses of unknown ancestry brought from Tennessee to Missouri. Both stallions were gaited and curly with conformation similar to a MFT. One of the horses died, but Curly Jim survived and was bred like crazy to the local MFT. Magnus is unique in that his line goes directly to Curly Jim, and not Walker's Prince T, who was a grandson of Curly Jim. 

One look at Magnus and it is hard not to fall in love with him. He has a wonderful, kind, calm disposition and not to mention tons of hair. His gaits are smooth and fluid and his lope is truly one to remember. Magnus is just as happy to ride with the group as he is to ride alone. He is used to dogs, deer, moose and cattle. He has crossed rivers, swam in lakes, high-lined and been in tie-stalls. He hops in the trailer with no problem and backs out like the gentleman he is.

Magnus has tested n/p1 for the PSSM gene. This means he has one copy of the gene and can be affected by symptoms. He has never had an episode of tying up; with proper nutrition and exercise it is likely that he never will. During the winter we turn Magnus out with our herd to forage in the big pastures. They come in twice daily for forked hay. In the spring we pull Magnus off of the fresh green grass and dry lot him with a hay bale. The only supplement we give him is Canola Oil. Since his muscles are not able to break down starch or sugar like a regular horse, his body gets its energy from fat. He eats alfalfa and timothy mix, cubes or hay. Movement is very important for a horse like Magnus; I would not recommend or sell him to a home where they intend to stall him 24/7. He does not need to be kept in a rigorous exercise program, but he does need a paddock or pasture to move around in (as all horses should have anyways). Magnus has been on long trailer rides (six hours plus) and he has been stalled overnight without any issue.

Magnus has been exposed to gunfire, bull whips, flailing arm tube man, sleds, teeter totter, tires, and any other obstacle we could think of. He is happy to go slow and he is happy to pick up and go as well. Magnus canters on a kiss.

If you are the lucky person to end up with this horse, prepare to be the envy of everyone else around you. With his long mane, curly coat and smooth gaits, you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

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