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MFTHBA Missouri Fox Trotter
DOB: 2011
16 hands
For Reference Only

Sire: Ebony's Dusty Lad

Dam: Lovely Lady


Magnus’s claim to fame is that his pedigree goes back to Curly Jim, a famous gaited curly stallion. On Magnus's papers there are two spots with the title "saddle horse". I was able to find on All Breed Pedigree that one of those horses is Curly Jim. He was one of two horses of unknown ancestry brought from Tennessee to Missouri. Both stallions were gaited and curly with conformation similar to a MFT. One of the horses died, but Curly Jim survived and was bred like crazy to the local MFT. Magnus is unique in that his line goes directly to Curly Jim, and not Walker's Prince T, who was a grandson of Curly Jim. 

Magnus has tested n/p1 for the PSSM gene from his dam line, Lovely Lady. His sire, Ebony's Dusty Lad, has tested n/n for the disease. 

Magnus definitely has the look of his sire, but the size of his dam. He is easily twice the size of Dusty. He also has a beautiful flat walk, fox trot and canter.

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