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Tennessee Walking Horse
8 years old
14.2 hands

Warrior's Velvet Touch, "Mocha", is an 8-year-old registered Tennessee Walking Horse with a good pedigree.

Mocha is a very talented mare with a smooth, teeth clacking, head shaking walk. She canters on a kiss. Mocha is trained to pack, hobble and high line. She ponies like a dream. Mocha has been on multiple mountain trips; she has proven to be very hardy and low maintenance. She has crossed rivers, bridges, is used to dogs, cows, deer and moose. Mocha is a true smokey black; her dam is a perlino tobiano and carries two copies of the cream gene, passing at least one of those genes to her offspring. Her colour really stands out next to the true black horses on the property. Mocha would be best suited for a confident intermediate and up. Mocha bonds very closely to her rider; she will do anything for you once the relationship is established.


She has a natural ground covering gait with strong conformation and a natural headset. Mocha has no vices and will ride in the front, back or middle with ease. She has been ridden alone and exposed to gunfire. Mocha trailers with ease, backs out, is easy to catch and great with her feet. She is currently shod.

Mocha was bred by a local breeder who puts good, strong foals on the ground with a natural four beat gait. When the opportunity came up to purchase Mocha, we couldn't say no. She was previously owned by a family who found that once all the kids were off to college, Mocha just wasn't getting the attention she deserves. 

Mocha is a wonderful trail partner, long distance, obstacles, or mountain horse. With her unique colour, ease of gait and pedigree she would also make a wonderful addition to a breeding program. 

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