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CRTWH Tennessee Walking Horse
DOB: May 11, 2022
Price: Please contact

 Sire: LL's Canadian Red (LL Chance's Red Rascal x LL's Ginger Spice)

Dam: Bless My Bloomers (Ultra's Major Threat x Pretty In Platinum)


Yuma's sire is registered with IHWHA and CRTWH. His sire and dam are gait certified with the heritage registry and both have completed the Program For Excellence with the Canadian registry. Yuma's dam is a successful show horse, having competed in 3 gait classes and winning Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. Red, (Yuma's sire), has been tested for gait, stamina, and curiosity (he carries two copies of the curiosity gene, as well as gait and stamina). 

Yuma is the resident greeter of the pasture. She loves to be scratched and can be quite put out if she isn't the center of attention. Yuma looks like she will have a strong, compact build with a quick gait. She is so friendly and curious, she will make a great trail horse. I see her competing in competitive trail and climbing many mountains in her future. She is a carbon copy of her sire, the only difference being her sock is on the opposite foot!

Yuma is registered with the CRTWH.

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