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Singlefooter (gaited)
5 years old

14.2 hands


Mercury has that 'it' factor. His beautiful sabino colouring just pops, and his personality is sweet, easy going and gentle. Single footing horses usually have Standardbred blood crossed with Rockies, Walkers or even Paso's. Mercury comes from a program that used Rocky Mountain horses crossed with Rowdy Rawhide bloodlines to get that fast single footing gait, also known as speed racking. Mercury does not have any pace to his gait; he has a natural flat foot walk with a big over stride, a comfortable fox trot, and an easy to sit lope. 

Mercury has been used around the ranch, ridden on roads, trails and has competed in a 25 mile competitive trail ride with a junior rider (they won first place!). He has crossed water, ridden past cattle, longhorns, elk, moose, deer and is used to dogs. He is easy to catch and good for the farrier; he has also has front shoes on to protect his feet from the gravel roads we sometimes ride on. This guy can ride in the front, middle or back, it's all the same to him!

Mercury is a horse for the whole family to enjoy, as you can see from his pictures and videos. Mercury is always up to the task, no matter what is put in front of him. He is the type of guy who can sit in the pasture for a week or a month and still be the same horse he was during the last ride. Please call or email if you are interested in this awesome gelding!

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