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Tennessee Walking Horse

6 years old
14.3 hands

Video links: 

This first link is the footage from our 2022 pack trip which Shortcake was a part of. She was packed and ridden for two weeks in the wilderness. 

Willmore Wilderness Pack Trip 2022

Shortcake at Blackfoot

Gait and playing in the water

Ya-Ha Tinda Shortcake Compilation 2023


Shortcake is as sweet as her name. She is quiet, gentle and easy going. Shortcake loads like a pro and is very good for the farrier. She has good strong feet; Steeve has put shoes on her the past two years for our pack trips. Otherwise she goes barefoot.

Shortcake is not registered; there is a rumour that she may be from a place with some really cool heritage lines but I haven't been able to confirm this. Her gait and calm demeanor suggest she is very well bred. Her conformation is compact and strong. she carries herself very well and gaits on her own. If she gets a little pacey, just ask for her nose and she will fall back into gait. Because she has such a strong gait, the canter is very hard or near impossible for her when under saddle. When asked, Shortcake tends to either gait harder or go into a pace. 

Shortcake is a "clicker", you can audibly hear clicking when she is slow walking from one of her back legs (not from her back hooves hitting her front ones). She is sound and it doesn't affect her; she may grow out of it as she gets older, some research suggests it could be from immaturity. It's akin to a person who can crack their knuckles, it's just something she does. Don't take my word for it, do your own research!

Shortcake has plenty of experience in the mountains and hauling around to different places, including crossing rivers, bridges, busting big game, packing, highlining, you name it. She's used to dogs zipping around her as well.  When she is following another horse, she doesn't spook or balk at all. When she's up front, she will be a little more looky. That said, she never throws

big spooks, she is very sensible and safe. 

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