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TWHBEA Registered
10 years old
14.3 hands
Price: $6,500 plus GST

Trinder's Wizard 295 hales from the T W Ranch in Manitoba. He grew up roaming the river valley where the ranch resides. He has the distinct T W brand on one shoulder and his brand number 295 on the hip on the same side. The T W Ranch breeding program has some great old time lines that produce a natural, easy gait and gentle, quiet demeanour.

Wizard started his training here in November of 2022. Over the winter the majority of his training was done on the trail, that's just the kind of horse he is. He has been ridden alone and with other horses. He is just fine to lead the ride, but he is also content to be in the middle or back. Wizard is more whoa then go, although he is quite willing to listen and pick up the pace when asked. Wizard has the potential to be a horse for just about anybody. He is willing and uncomplicated, level headed and a little bit lazy.

Wizard's gait has some nice swing to it and it is easy to ask him to drop into a comfortable four beat gait. I think the videos above demonstrate this quite well. Wizard can canter with his rider as well; the more cantering we have been doing with him has really helped his ability to hold a smooth gait.

Wizard would tie the halter on himself if he could, he loves to be groomed and pampered. He really seems to like to do obstacles and learn new things. He has an excellent stop and nice ground manners. Wizard has a lot of potential to do just about anything, from trail to obstacles or whatever a person can think of. Wizard is used to dogs and has been exposed to gunfire, tarps, bridges, mud, water, ropes, skiers, sleds and vehicles.


Wizard is broke to pack and trained for hobbles. He currently packs behind another horse with a breakaway rope.

Please get in touch if you'd like to come out and meet Wizard for yourself!

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